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Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation

Athletes and sports enthusiasts at any level are very susceptible to injury, pain, and discomfort. They are always looking for that extra edge over the competition; with a full functioning nervous system. Art of Motion Chiropractic and Sports Medicine treats Pocatello and Chubbuck athletes with chiropractic techniques to prevent and heal sports injuries. Sports trauma and injury susceptibility varies depending on the type and intensity level of the sport, the age and fitness level of the athlete, and other environmental factors. Dr. Ofisa helps our athletic patients practice proper safety, stretching, and nutrition techniques to prevent serious injury.


The rehabilitation area augments manipulative treatment strategies that accelerate patient recovery and wellness. Our rehabilitative program is designed to facilitate the rehabilitation of difficult pathology as well as chronic failed back syndromes. At Art of Motion Chiropractic and Sports Medicine, we utilize a hands-on approach to rehabilitation.


The rehabilitation programs are designed to help both athletes and general patients progress to their full functional and sports-related/ activities of daily living (ADL's) goals by improving their strength, coordination, balance, endurance and specific sport skills. The emphasis is always on non-surgical interventions for such common sports related problems as:

  • Knee (ACL, meniscus tear, tendonitis, articular cartilage)

  • Shoulder (rotator cuff, shoulder labral tear, shoulder instability)

  • Elbow (lateral epicondylitis, known as “tennis elbow,” medial epicondylitis, known as “golfer’s elbow”, biceps tendon tears, ligament tears [seen in baseball players])

  • Ankle (ankle instability, ankle cartilage or OCD lesions)


After evaluating your condition, Dr. Ofisa may recommend a rehabilitation program that includes:

  • Core strengthening and stabilizing exercises (mat, chair, reformer)

  • Manual therapy (including soft tissue work)

  • Muscle energy techniques (using your muscle contractions to reposition misaligned joints)

  • Joint and soft tissue mobilization

  • Therapeutic exercises targeted at weak or tight areas

  • Posture, body mechanics and ergonomic instruction


Chiropractic for sports injuries offers an alternative, noninvasive option for athletes to recover quickly and avoid future injury. Our sports injury chiropractor encourage at home prevention of sports injuries. We use stretching techniques, nutrition and proper chiropractic adjustments to prevent sports injury. Although there are many causes of sports injuries; most minor injuries, muscle cramping and dehydration can be prevented with proper at-home care.


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